Fresh Cut Trees

There’s nothing quite like a fresh, vibrant Christmas tree with its bold branches, crisp scent and natural charm. But which tree is right for your holiday d├ęcor? There are several popular tree species that can be ideal decorations.

  • Douglas Fir This tree holds its dark green needles for a good while, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to decorate their tree early or like to enjoy their tree into the new year. The soft branches and needles emit a faint lemon scent when rubbed. Douglas Firs have an airy open shape, great for lots of ornaments, garlands and lights. They are also native to the Idaho area!
  • Fraser Fir This pine is an aristocrat among Christmas trees with its short grey-green needles and majestic shape. Typically, this tree stays fresh the longest with long needle retention, ideal for longer periods indoors. The branches have a more open shape, great for displaying stunning ornaments. Fraser firs have a delicate evergreen fragrance.
  • Alpine Fir If you want a tall tree, or a tree that doesn’t take up too much space, Alpine firs are for you. Native to Idaho, they are not densely branched but are strong for ornaments and have long lasting needles.
  • Noble Fir Noble fir trees are another beloved holiday tree species, featuring deep blue-green needles and cones that showcase trademark spikey bracts. Noble Firs are very densely branches and have a full appearance. The branches are very strong and are perfect for heavy ornaments.
  • Grand Fir The grand fir tree has a glossy dark green color with needles that are one to two inches long. Its needles and branches are soft to the touch and not particularly firm, making it a better decorative tree than one draped with heavier ornaments.
  • Nordman Fir An excellent needle retaining species with soft glossy dark green needles. It has symmetrical silhouette which makes is an ideal pyramidal shape. However it does not have a strong scent and has a wide footprint that makes it not ideal for smaller rooms.
  • Lodgepole Pine Native to Idaho, they have a long, yellow-green needles. Excellent needle retention and fresh pine scent. Branches point upwards and some trees can come with pine cones still on them.

When Your Fresh Cut Tree Isn’t So Fresh

When Christmas is over and your tree starts to droop, you have many options to keep it useful. First, you can easily recycle your tree; many parks and towns sponsor tree recycling programs in January. If you prefer to use your tree at home, the boughs make perfect mulch for perennials and the trunk can also be chipped for mulch. Chunks of the trunk can even be made into simple bird feeders or similar garden crafts, or you can use the whole tree as an impromptu brush pile to provide protection and shelter for winter wildlife. You might even consider decorating your tree again using cranberry and popcorn strings, small birdseed ornaments and chunks of fruit to create a bird feeding station.

Fresh cut trees are amazing holiday traditions for many families, and there is a perfect tree type to suit your decorating preferences to make amazing holiday memories.