Late Spring Gardener’s Calendar

Turn over your vegetable garden and add humus, mushroom compost, or manure to enrich the soil.  Start applying Bonide Fruit Tree Spray 1-2 weeks after petal drop and every two weeks after that to all fruit trees.

Fertilize perennials with Sunnyside Gardens 8-16-8-5 Fertilizer.

Continue spring cleanup.  Completely remove winter mulch.  Cultivate to remove winter weeds and debris from the planting beds, then edge.  Prepare your annual beds, and mulch landscape beds with shredded mulch, bark chips or rock.   Apply Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper and scratch it in to prevent future weeds.

Plant and transplant trees and shrubs, including roses, ground covers, and perennials.

Seed or sod new lawns.  Reseed bare spots in established lawns.  Keep the area moist until seedlings appear, then mow when the new grass is 3” high.

Apply first application of Bonide Insect and Grub Killer now and again in July to prevent dead spots in the lawn caused by Billbugs and Grubs.

Transplant cool-season vegetables into the garden.  After the last frost (Avg. May 22nd) plant the warm- season vegetables and herbs.

Dig and divide crowded spring bulbs after they have finished blooming. Enrich the soil with composted manure and Hi-Yield Bone Meal.

Prune forsythia and other spring-flowering trees and shrubs after the flowers fall.

Place gro-thru grids and stakes over or around peonies, grasses or any other perennials in need of support.

Apply Ferti-lome Systemic Insect Drench to Ash and Birch trees to prevent borer damage.

Begin summer rose care program of dead heading, watering, and applying Ferti-lome Rose Food w/ Systemic every 6 weeks.

Deadhead bulbs but leave foliage to mature and yellow before removing.  This will help nourish the bulb for next year’s flowering. Fertilize with Hi-Yield Dutch Bulb Food.

Prune new growth on needled evergreens.

Dig and divide early blooming perennials after flowering.

Apply Ferti-lome Chelated Iron to Hydrangeas, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Red Maples to provide iron for chlorophyll production by foliage.

Fertilize container plants and window boxes weekly with Ferti-lome Blooming and Rooting Plant Food to promote healthy, vigorous plants all summer.

Pay close attention to the watering needs of these plants as well as hanging baskets, because they tend to dry out quickly on hot summer days.